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'Cuz just like the Celebrities You're a Babe, too!

How BABE YOU Works

Here's how BABE YOU Body-Shaping Lingerie works:

BABE YOU's patented lingerie system consists of a "cat-woman- like” base garment that slims and reshapes a woman's figure, along with stylish and beautifying add-ons, which are strategically placed on her new hourglass-shape, further camouflaging her problem areas and enhancing her positives.

Each BABE YOU patented base garment is constructed of two-layer custom engineered stretch fabric... a high capability jumbo spandex inner layer, which shrinks and contours the body, and a lighter less-elastic outer layer that drapes over the inner layer, giving a finished overall smoothed effect. 

Both layers have stirrups at the arch of the foot, an open-bust bra section with straps that go up over the shoulders, and a center strap that attaches up around the neck. 

These straps, along with the stirrups, pull from the top and bottom tapering out the base garment as it simultaneously shrinks and contours the body giving the figure a smoother, sleeker,uplifted hourglass shape!

The underwires in the open-cup bra portion of the base garment lift the breasts so they stand up more pronounced and shapely, both when wearing one of our beautiful add-ons, and on their own with your breasts bare (including when you're laying down during love-making where gravity typically causes the breasts to fall to the sides!). 

Then BABE YOU's patented add-ons system...beautiful bras, shrugs, robes, wraps, corsets, sheaths, scarves, and chemises, further enhance your form by covering any undesirable areas and playing up your positives (such as hiding the upper arms), giving you real confidence in the bedroom! You decide which add-ons you want to remain on during intimacy and which you choose to remove. Good-Bye cellulite, rolls, bulges, bloat, fat, sagging skin, veins, scars, and stretch marks! Make way for an INSTANT Celebrity look!

You select the colors and categories that are most complimentary to your skin tone and those that express your style and personality, whether you prefer to look sophisticated-sexy, demure, risqué, flashy, racy, or lacy. 

Then you can glam-up your outfit with fancy accessories and jewelry!

BABE YOU  offers unique felt, ribbon, rope, and hollow bead necklaces and bracelets that are lighter weight than your typical jewelry so you won’t injure your partner during intimacy. This allows you to be more playful and creative in the bedroom with your sensual glamour and confidence, without worrying about heavy metal or stone jewelry interfering with your expressions of lovemaking. 

No detail has been left unaddressed. we added sheer lace ankle socks that match each base garment to give a monochromatic look from shoulder to toe, further elongating and slenderizing your body.  And, to bring you that ultra elegant touch, BABE YOU Lingerie includes gloves of various lengths, sexy platform shoes, and other fun accessories that allow you to fully express yourself in the bedroom. 

Now you can lounge around in a romantic setting wearing one of our gorgeous body-shaping lingerie outfits and, when things “heat up”, seductively pull down or open the add-ons that cover your breasts, and untie or unsnap the add-ons that cover your base garment's crotch opening, to fully participate in love-making, all while maintaining your glamorous, sexy, celebrity hourglass look!


It's as easy as 1,2,3! 

1) Select and put on your BABE YOU patented body-transforming base, pink or black!

2) Choose from BABE YOU's matching patented add-on system...dozens of glamorous and sexy teddies, chemises, bras, negligees, corsets, shrugs, wraps, stoles and scarves to wear with your base garment, hiding your problem areas and adorning and accentuating your sleek new hourglass shape!

3) Accessorize with BABE YOU's full line of glamorous jewelry, gloves, shoes and accessories, and enjoy your gorgeousness with confidence! When things heat up, playfully remove or seductively open the add-ons that cover your breasts and crotch area to access for intimate relations all while maintaining your BABE YOU hourglass shape! Good-Bye cellulite, rolls, bulges, bloat, fat, sagging skin, veins, scars, and stretch marks! Make way for an INSTANT celebrity lingerie look!