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'Cuz just like the Celebrities You're a Babe, too!

How to Put On Your Base Garment


BABE YOU Body-Enhancing Lingerie is an entirely new category of women's clothing, created by Founder & CEO, Laurie DiBiasio, to give Women under-shaper Confidence and Celebrity-Style Glamour for Romance!
She named it BABE YOU, "Cuz Just like the Celebrities You're a Babe, too!"

Because our patented base garments are entirely new, we've posted the following instructions showing how to put on our full length base garments , below:

How to Put On Our Full Length Body-Shaping Base Garments
(Before you begin, slip on your BABE YOU ankle socks for head-to-toe glamour and a sexy elongated look!)   

Think of your full length base garment as a two layer cat-woman-style body suit, an inner layer and an outer layer. First, slip each foot into both layers' stirrups and, letting the stirrups rest at the arches of your feet, work both layers up your legs and over your hips. This may take a little effort (same as when you're getting into a high elasticity daytime under-shaper, or tight-fitting  skinny jeans) but it will be worth it!

Next, work your base garment up over your hips and stomach area, a little at a time, until the under-wires of the bra portion of your base garment are positioned under the breasts. These will uplift your breasts, both while wearing our add-on corsets, bras, teddies, and chemises, or with your breasts bare (including if you are laying down during romance when breasts typically fall to the sides!)

Once you've positioned your base garment to your figure, put the shoulder straps up over your shoulders and the center strap over your head, zip up the back of your base garment and fasten the back of its bra portion, smooth any wrinkles of the outer layer with gentle pulls down toward the stirrups and up toward the underwire (just as you would gently adjust pantyhose) and position the crotch opening of your base garment in place.

Note: the crotch flap attached to your base garment is a hygiene guard, it is not part of the base garment when in use, so you may remove and discard it once you've determined your base garment is the correct fit for you and you won't be exchanging it for a different size. We include a complimentary one-size-fits-all panty with your purchase, which easily ties at the hips (and unties for intimate relations), to wear over the crotch opening, with each base garment purchase as our gift to you!

Now that you're wearing your body-shaping base garment that also hides cellulite, bulges, love handles, rolls, sagging skin, veins and stretch marks, choose from dozens of BABE YOU's Glamorous and Sexy Mix & Match Add-Ons, Jewelry and Accessories and HAVE FUN dressing for intimacy!

Much Love and Respect,
The BABE YOU Team ❤️
BABE YOU Lingerie.
A Woman-Owned, Women-Run Company