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'Cuz just like the Celebrities You're a Babe, too!

Letter From Laurie

I've often wondered why many women have lost interest in sex. Why do we turn away from it, often times losing that closeness that comes from making love? 

One day at lunch with my friends I heard them joking, "If he's good, he gets it twice a year, on his birthday and our anniversary." 
And "It's been years since I've worn something sexy in the bedroom. My husband knows better than to buy me lingerie. I'd just throw it back in his face without even trying it on.” 

I wondered, where did these feelings come from?
I knew my friends loved their significant others and when they first met they fell in love partly because of the intimacy. They couldn't wait to dress all beautiful and sexy, and express their feelings of passion. Why had they now withdrawn from romance? 

Then it came to me. 
We women have been so beaten down by today's society of "false perfection", that many of us don't want to expose our bodies to our lovers. Let's face it, everywhere we turn we're bombarded with perfect bodies – on television, magazines, social media, billboards and movies. We feel we can't compete with these impossibly flawless images.

Many of us real women have become self-conscious about how the normal wear and tear of life like age, weight-gain, births, cellulite, scars, sagging skin, bloat, veins, rolls or stretch marks can affect our bodies. When we compare ourselves to the models and celebrities, we sometimes feel inadequate, and that makes us feel badly about ourselves, especially during times of intimacy.

These days I've noticed a number of companies making statements in their marketing campaigns like, “Just embrace your body and your real life appearance", even though we women have the same desires as models and celebrities to look and feel our best. They send us competing messages, signaling we don't have the right to want to look beautiful and seductive, but then they promote glamour and sensuality for those they consider as the "
it look”.  
They tell us what it is they think we want to hear, but what they're really doing is excluding and insulting us, as if we're not allowed to participate in the beautiful life, or be a part of the sexy group. So untrue!

We women have always sought out products that make us look good, not only to appeal to our love interest but also to visually please ourselves. 
The binding corsets and girdles of the past have morphed into newly innovated slimmers and shapers, but they only come in drab colors like tan or black and are worn underneath our day clothes. So what happens when we remove them for romance?  Today's under shapers make us feel worse when it’s time to disrobe for intimacy because what's been sucked in all day comes all pouring out!

And none of us wants to make love in one of those loose fitting granny nightgowns or a tiny garter ensemble that pinches and pushes us in all the wrong places. 
They're intimidating, depressing, and do nothing for our self-esteem! 

So I decided I was going to do something about it. I was determined to help women get back in touch with their sensuality, their beauty, and their confidence. I made it my personal mission to create the products that would make women look, and feel, just as gorgeous as today's celebrities and models, inside and out! 

With much thought, time, and effort I invented an entirely new category of women's and glamorous body-enhancing lingerie that covers our problem areas; plays up our positives, uplifts our figures, and gives us an instant hourglass shape that stays throughout Romance! 
My BABE YOU body-shaping lingerie empowers women with confidence. It's patented slenderizing base garments and patented ad-ons system of romantic bras, corsets, flowing lace robes, form-fitting sheaths, and chemises enable women to instantly look how they want to look for romance, taking charge of their bodies and their sensuality. When we feel confident in the bedroom it can be a freeing experience that boosts our body-image, improves our expressions of passion, and strengthens our relationships.

The bottom line is this, all of us can be Babes just like the Babes we see on social media, TV, magazines, and the movies.  And, this means you!  
So, I named my body- shaping lingerie, BABE YOU 
"'Cuz just like the Celebrities You're a Babe, too!"

I hope you enjoy my BABE YOU Lingerie outfits, jewelry, shoes, and accessories!  
Thanks for reading, Babes!

Much Love & Respect, 

Laurie D.